Benefits Of Teaching Theater In Schools


The theater in schools is a fundamental activity to complement the classes. The theater, as an extracurricular activity, goes much further than a literary representation; and it is one of the most complete and formative activities, besides liking the little ones a lot. Performing theater helps you, among other things, to lose your shame, to improve your language, your body expression or to encourage social relationships.

Theater in schools is not, at all, a concept in an abstract sense, nor an improvised representation. To carry out this innovative exercise, you have to take some texts and understand the role of the character, and then show it in person and face to face.

How can theater help in schools?

We should avoid thinking about theater in schools as a straightforward interpretation of characters at the end of the course or for a designated holiday. And it is that this activity is much more than that, it is a perfect complement for the formation of children.

At this point we will make known all the aspects that theater brings to all children, and why not, not so children.

It encourages creativity, and this concept is also linked to the imagination, or what is the same, freedom. Creativity will help children create different things or be able to use an existing object to reach something different.

It helps to move with ease in any social environment, and it is that learning to let go is indispensable in everyday life, which also, nowadays, accustomed to hiding behind a social profile, we become more vulnerable in face to face. The theater in the schools helps, without any doubt, to solve this problem by helping the children to develop with ease in the social environment that surrounds them.

He naturally teaches teamwork, and without the team, it is impossible to set up a play, this makes you more aware that we need each other and that we have to support each other. It is the perfect time for children to express themselves. Also, this environment is ideal to generate groups of different ages and responsibilities, which will serve them for the future.

Increase communication capacity, And it is expressed through expressions, gestures, words, etc. it will be more comfortable and more comfortable for you, as well as enhancing your memory and the ability to improvise.

The theater in schools should be considered, therefore, as an educational matter more as collaborating on growing maturity of children and make them more autonomous, solvents and trained people to cope judiciously in their day today.